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1. DITSONG NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY- LIBRARY 2. Department  of Digital Information and Collections


This is a science reference library specializing in the zoology, palaeontology and faunal history of southern Africa. The collection is paper-based and provides documentary support for all the various functions of the museum.

The Library has been in existence for over a hundred years, but the first librarian, Mrs. Thelma Campbell, was only officially appointed in 1937. Since that time subsequent librarians have expanded the collection by judicial acquisition of appropriate material through purchase, subscription, gifts, exchange and interlending. Apart from their scientific importance, many of the publications in the Library also have great aesthetic value.

Presently the Library comprises of approximately 11,000 monographs, 1,800 periodical titles, 90,000 reprints and several volumes of newspaper clippings about the museum and other scientific events.
The Library makes its collection and service available to the museum’s own staff. Scientists from other local and international research institutions, students and the general public also use the Library. Specialized information is also disseminated through the Library’s participation in an active interlending programme and through a publications exchange programme with scientific institutions worldwide.
The Library will continue to build its specialized collections and offer its services and resources to clients whose information requirements exceed the generalized supply of public-, school- and university libraries.
The Library is open weekdays, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Staff: Tersia Perregil ( ) Florah Ratema ( ) Elitta Masango

2. Department  of Digital Information and Collections

The Digital information section manages the digitization and the housing of data. This data consists of specimen databases, digital images and sound. 

Our sound library currently consists mainly of bird sound recordings but will, in the near future  expand to cover vertebrates & invertebrate sounds as well.

The Slide Collection is in the process of expanding to included images of all the specimens in our collections, particularly the types.

Summary of Fees charged by Digital Information

Categories:   1.Commercial – There is a  financial gain for the user of the specimens e.g. Artists, Publishers, EIA’s etc.
2.Research & Education – Specimens are used in research projects. e.g. Tertiary students, Lecturing purposes, Research Projects, etc.

Research & Education:






Credit given to Museum in Publication

Duplicate made of original. Copy must be returned to the Museum.



R 100 per hour or part thereof for studio time

Fees for material and handling cost paid by the user.


Time in Collections

No Charge. Have to make prior arrangement

Assisted by curatorial staff

5. Data  (ACCESS / EXCEL)

R 100 per hour or part thereof for extraction

Copy of publication

Commercial use:






R 300 per slide

Fine of R 2000 per slide if damaged



R 100 per hour or part thereof for studio time PLUS
R 250 per cut and cost of material & handling

Invoice will be issued for studio time

7. Data  (ACCESS / EXCEL)

R 1000 per Database



R 200 per hour or part thereof for queries


Please note: The Museum reserves the right to deny an applicant the use of any of the material and the prices are subject to change without prior notification.

For access to the collection or for further information please contact Klaas Manamela, Junior Curator