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What is on exhibition?
Main exhibition:

  •  Vehicles of yesteryear:  animal-drawn vehicles
  •  Tractor and Engine Exhibtion
  •  Development of Agriculture and Farm Implements Exhibition
  •  Distilling of Mampoer

Old Farmyard:

  • 1880 House museum  with outbuildings
  • 1913 House museum
  • Ndebele homesteads
  • Indigenous farm animals

Mampoer Festival 
Farm Festival

What can be seen?

  • Veteran (including steam and hand driven) as well as new agricultural machinery
  • Ploughing demonstrations
  • Shelling of maize
  • Grinding of maize to make meal
  • The baling of hay
  • Farm animals, including the milking of cows
  • Veteran vehicles
  • Traditional bread baking and “pap-en-kaiings”

Other attractions:

  • Stalls selling agricultural related products.
  • Food stalls
  • Entertainment for young and old
  • Picnic and Braai facilities
  • Restaurant