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The only natural history museum in Gauteng and one of the largest in South Africa


DITSONG MUSEUMS OF SOUTH AFRICA is an amalgamation of eight museums, seven in Tshwane and one in Johannesburg.

Our museums have diverse collections covering the fields of fauna and flora, palaeontology, military history, cultural history, geology, anthropology and archaeology.

We have offerings that cater for both local and international tourists, children, young people, adults, students and researchers.

National Museum of Natural History

The DITSONG: National Museum of Natural History is of the most recognisable and prominent features in Tshwane today. The museum curates thousands of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates.

National Museum of Cultural History

The DITSONG: National Cultural History Museum explores South Africa’s cultural diversity in various permanent and temporary exhibitions.

National Museum of Military History

During the First World War (1914 – 1918) no formal showcase was made of South Africa’s involvement in that war. In 1940, Capt J Agar-Hamilton was appointed official historian of the Union Defence Forces. 

Kruger Museum

The Kruger Museum and its contents bear witness to the forceful personality of the man who lived there as leader of a small republic in southern Africa, at a stormy and unsettling time of his people’s long struggle against British imperialism.

Pioneer Museum

While enjoying a cup of coffee and homemade bread, visitors can experience a way of life that has irrevocably passed. The stories of the Pioneer Museum and 1848 house, and of the people who lived on the farm.

Tswaing Meteorite Crater

Some 220 000 years ago a blazing stony meteorite the size of half a football field slammed into the earth’s crust. The impact formed a huge crater. This crater is one of the best-preserved meteorite impact craters in the world.

Sammy Marks Museum

Sammy Marks arrived in South Africa with a case of silver knives as his only valuable possession, and became one of the first entrepreneurs, playing a significant role in mining, industrial and agricultural development in the country.

Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum

The Willem Prinsloo Agricultural Museum preserves and presents South African agricultural history in a unique manner.The Museum showcases the history of the development of agriculture 


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I’ve been a regular visitor to the museum over the years, and I’ve always been impressed with the various displays and the quality of the exhibits, both indoors and outdoors.

I came back earlier this week for the first time in about 8 years, and I was blown away by the improvements and upgrading that had taken place since my last visit.

Enclosing many of  the larger exhibits that had previously been displayed outdoors, will offer them better protection from the weather, and the new layout inside the halls was even better than it had been before.

I was happy to see how additions to the collection had displayed the more recent conflicts pre-1994, and married them in such a way,that they gave a more complete picture of our nations history in an inclusive way!

I will certainly be back, and I’ve already recommended to dozens of friends and family, that they make a visit.

Congratulations to all staff!

Mitch Launspach

Good day,
Yesterday, Tuesday 18th May, our Group of Pensioners enjoyed a most enjoyable trip around the Crater.
I wish to place on record our thanks to ALL the Staff for the top class welcome we were given.

The pathways were clear and a pleasure to walk on, Martin, the Guard who unobtrusively accompanied us on the hike,was very helpful especially when one of our Group twisted an ankle. Martin arranged for her to be transported back to the Picnic Area without being asked to do so.

The Picnic area was tidy and the Braai grids freshly cleaned for us.

Thanks once again for the top class visit and will definitely visit again soon

Dave Jeffery

We would like to thank you again for the support on our last visit last Thursday on the Military Museum.
Thank you for attention , professionalism and unbelievable knowledge that you have and we can feel the joy of your work.

We congratulate the Directors too, for the initiative of the International Museums Week.

Best Regards

Brazilian Army Attache Office