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Irene-Louise Van Wyk


WOZA #ComeExplore DITSONG with Irene-Louise

Irene-Louise Van Wyk is a singer with several no.1 hits, a mum, business owner and makeup artist in training who has lived in Pretoria East all her life. She has performed, toured and worked with some of the country’s greatest artists.

Music flows from an early age through her with her mother, the late singer Irene van Wyk and her father the well-known music promoter Louis van Wyk.

She boasts a few hits such as “Vergeet Van My”, “Sjampanje”, “Jy Speel ‘n Game Met My”, “Hou Jou Hande Van My Lyf Af”, “Stukkende Ruite”, “Ek Voel Soos Oee” “Vrou”, “Iziiit”, “Kuierleier”, “Maak ‘n Plan”, “My Volgende Fout” as well as her biggest hit so far, Tekkies Brand. Tekkies Brand has been a no. 1-seller on Apple and iTunes, stayed on the position for 16 weeks, a record for a female artist! The music video has received more than 4.7 million views, and the #TekkiesBrand has been viewed more than 4 million times on TikTok.

Irene also boasts 1 Aitsa Award, 4 Afrikaans is Groot Awards, 3 Gold status awards for the music video of Hou Jou Hande van my Lyf af, the song My Volgnede Fout saam Jay and the music video for Tekkies brand.

She was also nominated for two Ghoema awards in 2018, namely public favourite female artist and best pop album by a female artist and says that the music industry has taught her to stay humble.

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