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Sharon Munyai


WOZA #ComeExplore DITSONG with Sharon Munyai

Sharon Munyai is a model and digital content creator with more than 5-years of skin in the game. She has a combined follower base of more than 15 thousand people, with most of her following coming from Instagram, which makes up a monthly reach of up to 118 thousand followers. She has worked closely with brands such as KFC, Krispy Kreme, Avon, Coca Cola and the Skin Republic, to name a few. Her followers describe her content as the most “creative” and “innovative” because she starts conversations about pressing social issues through self-portrait photography, concept development, and set design. 

Her passion for content creation started at a young age and was nurtured in high school through the study of Visual Arts, majoring in Photography at Pretoria High School for girls. Outside of content creation, she co-owns a creative agency that develops professional brand design and creative concept development for companies and organisations in the private and public sectors.

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