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The 2023 Heritage Month brings focus to South Africa’s rich and diverse cultural heritage and its immense contribution to our social, economic, health, and scientific well-being especially for rural, township, and peri-urban communities.

Annually, September marks Heritage Month with Heritage Day celebrated on 24 September by showcasing our nation’s diverse culture and heritage. During Heritage Month, South Africans celebrate our many diverse cultures and our rich heritage, which incorporates African, Asian, and European cultures and traditions.

The theme for this year’s Heritage Month is “Celebrating our cultural diversity in a democratic South Africa” and the Heritage Day event on 24 September 2023 will be hosted by the eThekwini Metro in KwaZulu-Natal.  

This year’s Heritage Month continues to encourage South Africans in all district municipalities to host cultural carnivals with music, dance, poetry, and food from different cultural groups who reside within that district.

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